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AniMatch n Blow

4.8 ( 1928 ratings )
Hry Zábava Educational
Vývojář: Indira

We present you one of the most exciting games with a deep learning curve and concentration enhancing capability. This version of the game includes a family of 16 different dazzling & animated animals from the jungle for player recognition. Player will start matching these cute animals in each level and keeps scoring. Every new level brings in new animals from the game closet and increases the difficulty level by increasing the count for animals of each type that the player matches. You will feel like playing bubbles game. But with animals its even more funny.

A total of 10 levels take the game from an easy start to more & more difficulty level, yet fun loving. The pace of the game excites the player with the dynamically calculated time status bar showing the remaining time & score board ticking.

After every perfect match of a particular animal, game pause and display the name of the blown animal with amazing graphics and the matched animal sounds.

Parents along with their kids get this great opportunity of dramatically improving the perception power for the better future.

Ages that can play:
3 years & greater to discern for effective learning & of course fun!!
Even adults will enjoy this. You will feel like you are in a forest.

Game Play:
- Left/Right arrow to move & down arrow to pull down
- Player can pause & resume the game at any time
- Recognize & match required (#) no of animals of each type in each level
- Every new level invites exiting new animals
- First 2 levels are slow for training
- Game paces with each level

- Easy and concentration demanding game
- Animal recognition by name after the perfect matching
- Interactive display of level, score & time bar on screen
- Beautiful & colorful graphics – True artwork
- Efficiently animated animals for easy recognition
- Increasing difficulty as the level changes
- Rhythmic sound synchronized with the animations
- User configurable background sounds (On/Off)
- Pause option for player comfort

Next version update:
Coming soon is the Birds & Sea animal family joining this existing family for more fun!!

Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later